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Richard Marston C. Portfolio Design. A Modern Approach to Asset Allocation

Richard Marston C. Portfolio Design. A Modern Approach to Asset Allocation

Portfolio Design – choosing the right mix of assets appropriate to a particular investor – is the key to successful investing. It can help you accumulate wealth over time, while cushioning the blow of possible economic downturns. But in order to successfully achieve this goal, you need to be familiar with all of the major asset classes that go into modern portfolios and learn how much they add to portfolio diversification. Thoughtful asset allocation provides discipline to the investment process and gives you the best chance of building and safeguarding wealth. Wharton Professor Richard C. Marston, 2014 recipient of the Investment Management Consultants Association’s prestigious Matthew R. McArthur Award, will guide you through the major decisions that need to be made when designing a portfolio and will put you in the best position to balance the risk-reward relationship that is part of this endeavor. Portfolio Design is to be read by investment advisors. The book is rich in information about individual asset classes, including both traditional assets like stocks and bonds as well as alternative assets such as hedge funds, private equity, real estate, and commodities. So it should appeal to all sophisticated advisors whether or not they are trying to qualify for one of the major investment designations. In fact, the book is designed to be read by any advisor who is as fascinated as Marston by the investment process.

Richard Marston C. Investing for a Lifetime. Managing Wealth for the New Normal

Richard Marston C. Investing for a Lifetime. Managing Wealth for the New Normal

Investing for a Lifetime is designed to make saving and investing understandable to the investor. Wharton Professor Richard C. Marston, 2014 recipient of the Investment Management Consultants Association’s prestigious Matthew R. McArthur Award, guides an investor through the main investment decisions throughout a lifetime. Investing for a Lifetime shows: how younger investors can set savings goals how both younger and older investors can choose investment portfolios to achieve these goals how investors can sustain spending once reaching retirement. Younger and older investors alike should understand savings goals that will provide enough income to sustain spending in retirement. They should devise rates of saving that allow them to reach their goals by the time of retirement. Though retirement is often the main goal of investing, it’s not the only one. Marston discusses how funding a child’s education or saving for a down payment for a home affects overall saving. Sensible investing is also necessary for savings goals to be realized. Investing need not be complicated, but Marston explains that a diversified portfolio should include a mix of different types of U.S. stocks, foreign stocks, real estate as well as bonds. He describes each of these asset classes and shows how they fit in an investor’s portfolio. He shows how investors can monitor the performance of their portfolios by establishing benchmarks for each asset class to judge how well their investments are doing. He focuses particular attention on those investors nearing retirement. In today’s low interest rate environment, he discusses whether it is possible to fund retirement from interest and dividends alone. He shows how savings combined with Social Security can fund retirement spending. And he asks how the “New Normal” of lower returns might force investors to save more than in past decades, and to spend less in retirement than in the past. Investing for a Lifetime is for investors who want to understand more about the savings and investment process, particularly those who worry about whether their retirement savings will last a lifetime.

Кирстен Флэгстед,Wiener Philharmoniker,Ханс Кнаппертсбуш,Эдриан Боулт,Георг Шолти,МакАртур Эдвин,The London Symphony Orchestra,Зигварт Фотланд Kirsten Flagstad Edition (10 CD)

Кирстен Флэгстед,Wiener Philharmoniker,Ханс Кнаппертсбуш,Эдриан Боулт,Георг Шолти,МакАртур Эдвин,The London Symphony Orchestra,Зигварт Фотланд Kirsten Flagstad Edition (10 CD)

Содержание: CD 1: Richard Wagner (1813-1883) Wesendonk-Lieder 01. Der Engel 02. Stehe Still! 03. Im Treibhaus 04. Schmerzen 05. Traume Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) Kindertotenlieder 06. Nun Will Die Sonn' So Hell Aufgeh'n 07. Nun Seh' Ich Wohl, Warum So Dunkle Flammen 08. Wenn Dein Mutterlein 09. Oft Denk' Ich, Sie Sind Nur Ausgegangen! 10. In Diesem Wetter Lieder Eines Fahrenden Gesellen 11. Wenn Mein Schatz Hochzeit Macht 12. Ging Heut' Morgen Uber's Feld 13. Ich Hab' Ein Gluhend Messer 14. Die Zwei Blauen Augen Wiener Philharmoniker Hans Knappertsbusch (Wagner) Sir Adrian Boult (Mahler) CD 2: Richard Wagner Operatic Extracts From Die Walkure, Lohengrin, Parsifal & Gotterdammerung Die Walkure 01. Der Manner Sippe 02. Du Bist Der Lenz 03. Siegmund! Sieh' Auf Mich! (Todesverkundigung) With Set Svanholm Siegmund Lohengrin 04. Einsam In Trdben Tagen Parsifal 05. Ich Sah Das Kind Wiener Philharmoniker Hans Knappertsbusch (1, 2, 4, 5) Sir Georg Solti (3) Gotterdammerung 06. Starke Scheite Schichtet Mir Dort (Immolation Scene) Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra Norwegian State Radio Orchestra Olvin Fjeldstad CD 3: Haugtussa, Op.67 01. Det Syng 02. Veslemay 03. Blabaer-Li 04. Mote 05. Elsk 06. Killingdans 07. Vond Dag 08. Ved Gjaetle-Bekken Songs 09. Jeg Elsker Dig, Op.5 No.3 10. Eros, Op,70 No.1 11. Millom Rosor, Op.39 No.4 12. Der Gynger En Bad Pa Bolge, Op.69 No.L 13. Hytten, Op.18 No.7 14. Det Forste Mate, Op.21 No.1 15. Jeg Giver Mit Digt Til Varen, Op.21 No.3 16. Med En Primulaveris, Op.26 No.4 17. Med En Vanlilje, Op.25 No.4 18. En Dram, Op.48 No.6 19. I Liden Hajt Der Oppe, Op.39 No.3 20. Fra Monte Pincio, Op.39 No.1 21. Liten Kirsten, Op.60 No.1 22. Den Aergjerrige, Op.26 No.3 Edwin Mcarthur, Piano CD 4: Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) 01. Til Kvallen, Op.17 No.6 02. Var Det En Drom? Op.37 No.4 03. Hostkvall, Op.38 No.1 04. Diamanten Pa Marssnon, Op.36 No.6 05. Flickan Kom Ifran Sin Alsklings Mote, Op.37 No.5 06. Arioso, Op.3 07. Varen Flyktar Hastigt, Op.13 No.4 08. Se'n Har Jag Ej Fragat Mera, Op.17 No.1 09. Men Min Fagel Marks Dock Icke, Op.36 No.2, Orch. Pingoud 10. Pa Verandan Vid Havet, Op.38 No.2 11. Den Forsta Kyssen, Op.37 No.1 Orch. Nils-Eric Fougstedt 12. Svarta Rosor, Op.36 No.1, Orch. Pingoud 13. Sav, Sav, Susa, Op.36 No.4, Orch. Ivar Hellmann 14. Kom Nu Hit, Dod! Op.60 No.L Edvard Grieg 15. Efterarsstormen, Op.18 No.4 16. Og Jeg Vil Ha Mig En Silkevest, Op.60 No.5, Arr. Valdar 17. Jeg Giver Mit Digt Til Varen, Op.21 No.3, Arr. Valdar 18. Til En, I, Op.59 No.3, Arr. Valdar 19. Til En, II, Op.59 No.4, Arr. Valdar Arne Eggen (1881-1955) 20. Aere Det Evige Forar I Livet Eyvind Alnaes (1872-1932) 21. De Hundrede Fioliner 22. Varlaengsler 23. Nu Brister Alle De Klofter 24. Februarmorgen Ved Golfen Harald Lie (1902-1942) 25. Nykelen 26. Skinnvengbrev London Symphony Orchestra Olvin Fjeldstad CD 5: Franz Schubert (1797-1828) 01. Derm Unendlichen 02. Erlkonig, D328 03. Am Grabe Anselmos, D504 04. Des Madchens Klage, D191 05. Ave Maria, D839 Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) Vier Ernste Gesange 06. Denn Es Gehet Dem Menschen 07. Ich Wandte Mich Und Sah An Alle 08. O Tod, O Tod, Wie Bitter Bist Du 09. Wenn Ich Mit Menschen- Und Mit Engelszungen Redete Lieder 10. Treue Liebe, Op. 7 No. 1 11. Am Sonntag Morgen, Op.49 No.1 12. Auf Dem Kirchhofe, Op.105 No.4 13. Wie Melodien Zieht Es Mir, Op.105 No.1 14. Alte Liebe, Op.72 No.1 15. Bei Dir Sind Meine Gedanken, Op.95 No.2 16. Wir Wandelten, Op.96 No.2 17. Dein Blaues Auge, Op.59 No.8 Edwin Mcarthur, Piano CD 6: Robert Schumann (1810-1856) 01. Der Nussbaum, Op.25 No.3 02. Die Soldatenbraut, Op.64 No.1 03. Meine Rose, Op.90 No.2 04. Liebeslied, Op.51 No.5 05. Die Lotosblume, Op.25 No.7 06. Widmung, Op.25 No.1 07. Erstes Grcin, Op.35 No.4 08. In Der Fremde, Op.39 No.1 09. Zum Schlub, Op.25 No.26 Hugo Wolf (1860-1903) 10. Gesang Weylas 11. Gebet 12. Uber Nacht 13. Der Freund 14. Heb Auf Dein Blondes Haupt 15. Anakreons Grab 16. Morgenstimmung 17. Zur Ruh, Zur Ruh! Richard Strauss (1864-1949) 18. Befreit, Op.39 No.4 19. Mit Deinen Blauen Augen, Op.56 No.4 20. Lob Des Leidens, Op.15 No.3 21. Ich Trage Meine Minne, Op.32 No.1 22. Seitdem Dein Aug', Op.17 No.1 23. Geduld, Op.10 No.5 Christian Sunding (1856-1941) 24. Leit Etter Livet Og Liv Detl, Op.55 No.5 25. Sylvelin, Op.55 No.1 26. Der Skreg En Fugl, Op.18 No.5 27. Den Jomfru Gik I Valmu-Vang, Op.50 No.5 Edwin Mcarthur, Piano CD 7: Sacred Songs (I) Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847) 01. Hear My Prayer ... О For The Wings Of A Dove (With Chorus) 02. Jerusalem! Thou That Killest The Prophets Paulus, Op.36 Franz Xaver Gruber (1787-1863) 03. Silent Night! Holy Night!, Arr. Leslie Woodgate Charles Gounod (1818-1893) 04. Ah, Turn Me Not Away ... О Divine Redeemer Hubert Parry (1848-1918) 05. Jerusalem Dmitri Bortniansky (1751-1825) 06. Jubilate Arr. Leslie Woodgate John Francis Wade (1711-1786) 07. О Come, All Ye Faithful Samuel Liddle (1867-1951) 08. Abide With Me London Philharmonic Orchestra Sir Adrian Boult CD 8: Sacred Songs (II) Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) 01. Break In Grief St. Matthew Passion, Arr. Edward Elgar & Ivor Atkins 02. Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring, Arr. W.G. Whittaker Cantata BWV 147 03. If Thou Be Near (Bist Du Bei Mir), Arr. Michael Tippett (Clavierbuchlein Fur Anna Magdalena Bach) 04. Sheep May Safely Graze Cantata BWV 20 Georg Frideric Handel (1685-1759) 05. Art Thou Troubled Rodelinda 06. Gods All Powerful (Sommi Dei) Radamisto 07. Oh Sleep, Why Dost Thou Leave Me Semele 08. He Shall Feed His Flock Messiah 09. I Know That My Redeemer Liveth Messiah 10. Praise Ye The Lord, Arr. Woodgate; Mccormack (Ochs, Attrib. Handel) London Philharmonic Orchestra Sir Adrian Boult CD 9: Norwegian Hymns (I) 01. Organ Prelude - A Prektige Himler Og Jorderiks Haerer 02. Organ Prelude - Herre Gud, Ditt Dyre Navn Og Aere 03. Hellig, Hellig, Hellig! Herre Gud Allmektig (Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty) 04. Kjaerlighet Fra Gud 05. Organ Prelude - Lover Den Herre (Lobe Den Herren) 06. Sorg, О Kjaere Fader, Du 07. Lei, Milde Ijos (Lead, Kindly Light) 08. Organ Prelude - Gud Signe Vart Dyre Fedreland 09. Organ Prelude - Deilig Er Jorden 10. Organ Prelude - Gud Skal All Ting Lage 11. Na La Oss Takke Gud (Nun Danket Alle Gott) 12. Organ Prelude - Dype, Stifle, Sterke, Milde 13. Organ Prelude - Var Gud Han Er Sa Fast En Borg (Ein' Teste Burg) 14. Paskemorgen Slukker Sorgen 15. Den Store, Hvite Flokk A Se 16. Den Signede Dag Som Nu Vi Ser 17. Kvardagskristen Vil Eg Vera 18. Kirken Den Er Et Gammelt Hus 19. Du Herre, Som Er Sterk Og Stor Sigvart Fotland, Organ CD 10: Norwegian Hymns (II) 01. Jeg Ser Deg, О Guds Lam 02. Ingen Vinner Frem Til Den Evige Ro 03. Eg Lyfter Upp Til Gud Min Song 04. Kjaerlighet Fra Gud 05. Sions Vekter Hever Rasten (Zion Hort Die Wachter Singen) 06. Pa Gud Alene 07. Jesus, Din S0te Forening A Smake 08. Alltid Freidig Nar Du Gar 09. Av Hpyheten Opprunnen Er 10. Min Sjel, Min Sjel, Lov Herren 11. Overmade Fullt Av Nade 12. Ett Er Nodig, Dette Ene 13. Fred Til Bot For Bittert Savn 14. Jesus Dine Dype Vunder 15. I Denne Verdens Sorger Senkt 16. Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker Sigvart Fotland, Organ

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